1. Zone , man to man or other style of plays are allowed.
2. Ball size U11-6, u13-6, u15-7
3. Final line up deadline next friday 10th of jul…to john senfelices
4.player is allowed to play in 2 age group (move up, nt down)
5. Player once played for certain team nt allowed to change team (same age group)..even the same org (A&B)
6. For girls – age group plus one year
7. Playing time – 4 qtrs 10 minutes running time except for last 2 minutes in4th qrt
8. One time out allowed in each first 3 qrtrs …and 2 inthe 4th…plus 1 time out in OT
9.Non filo -u11 -any number, u13 – 2 are allowed max of 5’9″ height, u15 -none
10. OT – 1st OT 2 minutes stop clock, 2nd OT goldenpoint
11. Bench – 3 are allowed and the players of course
12. Waiver to be signed – to send by John to organisers
13. Players to use mouthguard
14 . To apply mercy rules
15. age cut off May 1…
16. This is our leauge we are all part of AFC…we will contribute to its success …we will help each other to control the crowd