Protest with regards to eligibility to play.
Only the Team coach can make the protest
The protest should be submitted to the Referee manning the game.
If the contested player is proven ineligible and the protest is made ;

  • before game. The game will continue but the player will not be allowed to play.
  • during the game . The game will be forfeited in favour of the other team and will be granted +20 points which ever is higher.
  • Protest will not be honoured if the game is already completed.
  • the result of the past completed games will not be affected .
  • protest can only be made during elimination, meaning you can’t protest any players during Quarter until Final games.
  • once proven to be ineligible, player and coach will be banned for one year in any league from all participating Organisation with in AFC.
    “Unless proven to be ineligible” the player may continue to play.

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